Wedding Photography is as unique as your wedding day will be. We specialize in providing custom wedding day photography coverage to each and every couple we photograph. From Elopements to large events we are happy to cover your event, and do so in a way that fits the way you want things to be. Our clients invest an average of $1000 to $3400 with us. Our pricing is all inclusive, meaning that the price you are given includes the following without any hidden costs, and without any further obligation to choose photos, or books, or albums, or…anything. We retain the copyright to our images, but you’re the boss of printing, sharing, doing. So, your’re probably wondering…how do I get the $1000 wedding? Short answer would be…elope? ;)

Seriously, our pricing is customized taking into consideration many things before popping out a random number. If you mention who referred you we will almost always give you a discount on top of amazing all day coverage and so you see…there is no one price fits all. That would be just way to easy right?

So, to uncomplicated things here is a short list of what IS included when we are your wedding photographers:

Included in all wedding day coverage from elopement to full sunrise to sunset coverage:

  1. An engagement session with professional editing and personal printing rights. And by engagement session we dont mean any old engagement session. We LOVE to create special moments for our clients. This is a great way for us both to meet and get to know each other. We will have fun…or Jon will jump in the lake. And he hasnt done that yet…so be prepared. :)

  2. We begin most weddings with getting ready photos of all the details. Your dress, flowers, shoes…oh, wait…what are the guys doing? Yep, a lot of activity goes on before you are ready to stand in front of the camera for formal portraits and we are actively watching and capturing as many details as we can. Your day is then covered as it happens. With posing kept to a minimum. After all…this is a wedding not a formal photo shoot right? We are not there to dictate when you start the ceremony, but if asked we can offer suggestions. We dont dictate what you do, or when and how you do it. Our responsibility is to look for the emotion of the day…and capture that. Posing is minimal and kept to Formal photos of the bride and groom, bridal party, and family. The rest of the day is all about what happened, some you will remember, and some you will love knowing we captured that moment.

  3. Each wedding photographed will be carefully edited, and delivered to the couple in an online gallery that is password protected. You are in charge of the gallery once it is delivered to you. This means you can download as many copies of any image and make as many prints as you want. Share them on FB or IG as much as you want, just please, remember a couple little things. We LOVE to see our images used online, shared on social media etc…that is what it is for right? However, when they are shared we need to ask you to tag us, or make mention of who the photographer was…in this case @lexiluphotos.com This will attribute a copyright status to the online image thus further protecting us and you from the swipers who like to swipe pretty images and use them to advertise their business ventures or products. Yep, many photos have been swiped and used on photo editing products, maternity gowns, etc…

    Lets keep that from happening…just tag me or put by lexilu photos. Done & Donner!

  4. You will be able to download and save the images forever. We highly recommend that you do. Make multiple copies! Once we deliver the images they are wiped from our computers. This makes room for the next event and so on and so on. PLEASE make copies of the copies. Put them on a USB and give one to your mom or best friend. Things happen…don’t lose your images.

  5. You will be able to make your own prints and products from any image we deliver. Just dont enter them in contests, or use them for blog publication, advertisements on web pages etc…without our permission. Just ask…we are nice, but we have to follow the rules too…so I will make it happen if you let me know.

  6. Your quote will be yours exclusively. All costs associated with your event include travel, and over night lodging if we find ourselves more than 60 miles or one hours drive from home. This keeps us near your event longer…and when we are there longer we capture more of the celebration!!

  7. We are happy to make payment arrangements and work with every couple to make sure they can afford professional photography. These payments can extend over the course of one full year. Please ask about it and don’t be shy! You ask and I will Tim Gunn it…”make it work"!” Okay?

So, now on to the cost…sheesh…that is a lot of reading. But now that you a bit of what goes into the cost of photographing a wedding here is how you can help yourself get the best price we can offer.

If you email, message me asking for a price I will write back and ask you a few things…lets skip that part and get on to the fun stuff which is planning your engagement session! Want to have some amazing WATER photos? Ask me about that…

  1. What day is your wedding?

  2. Where are you getting married?

  3. Are the ceremony and reception locations near by each other?

  4. Will you or are you considering a Pre Ceremony First Look session or will his First Look be when he sees you walking up the aisle?

  5. How many are in your wedding party? 4 to 30? or just the 2 of you. No problem, we’ve done it all.

So many questions right? I will try to make it as easy on you as possible. Please fill out the Contact Us form below, and I will get right back to you with the details, investment in plain english, and a way to reserve your date with us. We offer affordable payment plans, so PLEASE dont be afraid to tell me what you want, what you really really want…(spicegirlwannabe)