Dear Eric and Heather,

We just wanted to thank you for such a great day with you!  We got some amazing photos, thank you for your cooperation and attitude during our session.  You were a joy to work with! 

I have upgraded your session to RUSH so that you are now at the head of the editing lineup.  All of your "lightly edited" images are now in your online gallery.  In the gallery you will see the option to download the PASS APP.  Please do so since this will allow you to select your favorite images.  You will need to select 40 images, by clicking on the heart icon.  As soon as you select your favorites I will be notified, but please be sure to let me know that your selection is complete.  

Selecting your favorite 40 out of 100 can be tricky.  Especially seeing them in a non finished state.  Just keep in mind that you want to look at your pose, your expression and choose your favorites from there.  I will handle the rest, and just like those amazing sneak peek photos on Facebook, your finished images will be just as wonderful!  When your final images are edited I will also gift you the sneak peeks and the photos of Callista and Heather, yours to keep just because :) 

Next, I will get right to work editing your selection and your images will have my custom style of editing applied to them, including any complexion touch ups.  Your finished image selection will be uploaded to the same gallery with numbers on them, so that you can use the order forms sent home with you to select images for prints, your album cover, and depending on which package you choose, other products.

Please send that form to me as soon as you have it filled out and we will get an invoice out to you so that you can submit payment, and we can get the prints sent out to the lab.  Your album will take longer than prints, but you will receive your prints within a few days after your final payment is processed.

If you need any help along the way, or have any questions about ordering please contact me, I am happy to help in any way I can.

Thank you again! 

I cant wait for you to see your amazing final did really great Eric!  I hope you had a great time as well.



Lexilu Photos