Our Investment in Your Session

You will prepare for this big day weeks or months in advance.  You will select clothes, props, and invest a lot of your time searching sites like Pinterest for a ideas that suites your photographic style.  Lexilu Photos appreciates the time and effort you will put into your session and Luanne will help you throughout the process each step along the way.   When you work with Lexilu Photos, you're not just going to a portrait studio to sit in front of a backdrop. Rather, you are working with an artist, skilled in creating custom themed photos that you will want to get off the computer and onto your walls, scrapbooks, and share with friends and family online or gifted as prints.

A Custom Photography session is an experience to look back on over the years and remember how beautiful that one day in your lives was.  Whether its a family day together, or priceless moments with a newborn, custom photography is also an investment, but one that will last for generations to come. 

Lexilu Photos also invests much time and talent in their clients.  While your time together may only be a few hours, Luanne is busy before hand making props, scouting locations, setting up the perfect scene for your session, as well as  perfecting your image collection afterwards, by editing them with the best software available and delivering them online for you to download, print, share, and save for generations.

 At Lexilu Photos, Luanne typically spends 30-40 hours or more after the session perfecting your image collection.  You not only receive 100's of images shot from the day of your session, but YOU  get to select YOUR favorites for retouching.  Luanne retouches your favorites at no additional charge depending on the package you select. 

You are investing in the time and professional expertise that Luanne has perfected over many years as a professional photographer. Her clients have come back for progressive sessions, beginning with them as seniors, then engagements, wedding and onto maternity, newborn...and so on.  What brings them back is the experience they had from previous sessions as well as the number of images in their collections and the fact that they can add to to their online collection galleries over the years.  Lexilu Photos provides access to their clients images for up to 10 years in an online gallery where they can select their favorites for retouching, printing and downloading.    They also love the personal attention they get from Luanne in assisting them by getting the best prices on the best photo products available on the market.  Your investment includes Lexilu Photos professional discount at many printing labs.

Years from now as you look back through your image collection, you will remember that day as if it were yesterday.  You you will relive the emotion of the day.  Yes, custom photography is a priceless investment, because but what you've invested in is not just a couple of portraits...but a timeless collection moments and memories from a time in your lives that can never be repeated.