What is a session with Lexilu Photos Like?

Lets ask the photographer and get an idea…

Natural Light Photography…thoughts?

Lets get one thing out of the way right here off the top of this rantical post...I AM PROFICIENT IN FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. I HAVE A FULL LINE UP OF FLASH AND WIRELESS TRIGGERS AND IM NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM. Sorry to yell about that. But I recently was challenged and criticized because I choose NOT to shoot someone in an unflattering spot. A spot they chose as a PIN and like clock work I was called out for not getting that ONE photo they pinned on their MUST have board. GAW! Pins...love them hate them...but this is about love...so on to Natural light!

Natural light photographers like myself often run into many misconceptions about our style. We are often put into a category of, “non-professionals” photographers who are “afraid” of the dreaded F word...flash. For me this is a bunch of S...stupid. My style of editing DEMANDS natural light. Natural light is a magical light, it can be seen, it can be sensed, and it can be felt during a session. Often, during a session you may hear me saying things like...OMG, this light is beautiful...Can YOU feel it? Look at that light! UGH! The light is GORGEOUS...ugh...the flares! Yep, I am certain of one thing...NATURAL LIGHT. For those that trust my instincts and allow me to do my thing in choosing the location, or area at a new location in which to shoot in, the results are nothing short of amazing. That is to brag about the light we find to shoot in...and not myself. ;) Of course, there are times, for example, a wedding day when I must chase the light and dodge those light spots from the trees we are shooting under, by or around. But we ALWAYS find the perfect light to put our clients in. Trust me, and my 20+ years of experience to put you in the most flattering light. Just hug & snuggle, laugh and play, or if you are a super cool senior...just stare down my camera...we gotcha! We will bring out the best in you...and do it in the most beautiful, gorgeous light we have available.


We scout out locations based on the preferences of our clients. For portrait sessions it is usually asked, do you prefer a home, country, or urban feel to your photos? Where will you be displaying the photos from your session? The answers to this question will help us select the best location to photograph you in. Please feel free to contact me on FB/IG/TEXT/Email and let me know what style of session you are hoping for.

What happens during these magical light sessions, and will I see unicorns?

Haha...no, no unicorns unless we create them for you as a part of the session. During a standard session we will meet at a set location at a set time. You will all come dressed and ready for photos and EVERYONE will be on board...right? Haha. Not always. And that is OKAY! We don't need to start shooting and posing immediately. We take our time. We shoot 3 hours to sunset most of the time so we have time to settle in and relax before the shutter starts clicking.

Once we begin, I direct you into poses but encourage you to just be you. Hug...tighter! Don't let him kiss you...tickle...whisper...Lucky Charms for breakfast you say? Whisper your favorite cereals in her ear...in Yoda's voice. Yep. We have lots of ways to encourage you and your little ones to enjoy themselves. And if bribery helps...we have had a couple grooms to be indulge before the session. “I wanted him to SMILE...so he's been drinking!” a bride once confessed. Hey! If it works for you...go for it! Maybe, that's where the unicorn rumor started!

My session is IN my home. What light do you use then?

Natural light. When I arrive I am instantly scouting out the best window light to put you or baby in. If you home has at least one window, we are good. If not, we will use the door. If the light in not good at all, we will break out the dreaded flash and set it to the softest setting possible to keep your photos consistent with the style you love.

In MY HOME...omg...I JUST had a baby!

Yep, and that is why we LOVE to come to you. Sure, we would be lying if we said we didn't want a magical studio at our home with cute photos hanging everywhere and all of my shooting goodies within reach. But, would you really be comfortable there, here? Probably not. And if you are bringing a two or three year old sibling into a room with shiny EVERYTHING...chances are they will NEED to touch...and you'll spend more time chasing the no's than enjoying your baby's session. So, let us come to you. In my experience, and yes, I've shot at my home before, I have found that mom and dad are most comfortable at home. They don't have to take baby out. They dont have to pack everything a newborn needs, and then siblings need...and snacks and omg...by the time your are done you'd be in level 10 labor & delivery mode and be like...never again! So, please...let us come to you. Let your house be messy. The joys of walking into a messy home post baby is amazingly delightful for us. It brings back our life, raising our kids. We have been there...trust me. And who cares! Its called life and its amazing. So please...dont tidy up or feel the need to do so just because we are coming over. I just want that baby...and a window okay? Dad's will love us too, because apart from the one or two times they are photographed they get to relax and do dad things. They can watch the game or catch a quick nap. Did someone say NAP? Please do! We are like your personal nanny's for about 3 hours. We will wake you when its time to take over. Of course, you can watch the magic...you'll most likely be in a few photos. But for the most part...relax! All we need is nice window light, and a few hours with your baby.

Any other questions?

I cant anticipate every question someone may have, so please feel free to contact me. If you don't know me yet, here are some fun facts. I'm human. I have a background in writing and reporting the news, and photographing news, and events. My husband Jon and I have 3 kids living and one daughter, Samantha Taylor who lived for 5 months next to my heart and an eternity in it. I will speak of her often, and never apologize for it being too often. She's the hand I never held, the tears I cry to this day, and the life I carried that was taken from me...for who knows why. (I have to stop) We live in Columbiaville, Michigan with our 70 some chickens who are my husbands therapy. He has been disabled since 2000 and helps me when he can. We have 6 dogs and 7 cats. Yep...and its still not enough. I have PTSD, and live with it. I shut down mentally around the time Samantha died, and the time of the accident that caused the PTSD. My shut downs do not stop me...I will not let them. Yes, it affects my editing timeline. You'd understand if you knew why...but telling that story will take 3 pots of coffee, a campfire...and a willingness to listen with an understanding heart. We all have stuff...this one thing affects me...some get it...some don't and I just cant explain it to everyone. I do my best...my best is all I can give. My son is on the spectrum, diagnosed at 21 years old. Homeschooling allowed him to thrive...trade school and job searching...brought about the diagnosis. He is amazing. He is a self taught pianist and has written 2 songs...or is it composed? He'd know...he's my pocket genius. I use him all the time. His two older sisters are amazing parts to my family. One is a graphic designer, who is also certified in early childhood development and CPR certified. She usually attends my newborn sessions. She is GREAT with 2 year old s. If ya ever need a babysitter...call her. She's great! My other daughter...is as quiet as the wind on a calm summer night but as fierce as a tsunami when needed. She is a free spirit finding her place in what she will do...in her own time she will do AMAZING...because that's what happens with everything she touches. They love all things relating to Japan...language, culture, clothes. And are mildly obsessed with K-pop and the Anime world. Regressing back to me...as it applies to photography and my clients needs, wants, wishes and dreams. I listen, and trouble shoot any situation. I am great at making things happen. Where there is a will...there is me. That's my motto. I am going to provide you with the best experience that I can, and do so...hopefully, without annoying the bejesus (hahah spell check HATES that word ) out of you because of my fascination with LIGHT...and babies, and seniors, and kids, and snuggles & giggles...and love, love, love. Which is what it all boils down to. I LOVE what I get to do. I LOVE photography and providing clients, friends, family with memories of a time in their lives. Not just, photos of poses. I LOVE to capture the reality of life, as it is...and as it was.