Dear Mason and Cayla,

I am super happy to be your wedding day photographer. Please fill in the contract, and the wedding timeline and then I will make a timeline so we can get you some pretty darn amazing images.

For an example on how a First Look Session works, here is what I usually do. Please feel free to modify it to fit your day, but let me know so we can get it just right for you.

I typically arrive bright and early to where the bride is getting ready. I begin with the detail photos. The dress hanging in a pretty window, your shoes, flowers rings…all the little details you have collected for your wedding day. While I am shooting the details the bride and girls are putting finishing touches on hair and makeup so that you can step into your gown, usually around 10:30, and we can get some portraits before heading to the First Look location. First Look sessions usually begin at 11:00 a.m. This may require getting ready a little ahead of your planned time, but please try to make it work as it is absolutely the best light for wedding day imagery. Also, having all of your portraits finished before the ceremony helps you get right to the reception part of the day to be with your friends and family…without a long list of post ceremony photos to be taken.

Location can be anywhere you choose. I am not familiar with the area so I am relying on you to be my scouts. Maybe you want it where you are getting ready. Just let me know ahead of time so I can get you in the best light for the time of day we are shooting in. I will have visited the location prior to our meeting up on the wedding day.

Now, I dont know your ceremony start time, but I usually do First Look Sessions beginning with Bride and Groom alone at 11 a.m. This is soft lighting and will give you the most time together for the day. The First Look with the bride and groom alone takes about 15 minutes. We then transition into romantinc poses of the two of you together followed by groom only, then bride only. This set takes about 30 to 45 minutes. This would put you at about 12:00. If you can ask your attendants to join you at the location around 11:45 we will do the full bridal party. This will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1hr depending on the amount of people in your wedding party. This is then followed by the family formal photos. Having your family there around 12:30-1:00 will give us all the time we need to get beautiful RELAXED images of everyone important to you. So, in all this will take about 3 hours, allowing for setting up and people getting settled in. This would put you at 2:00. From there you can go relax until Ceremony time. It allows you a nice break to refresh hair and make up. Then, following the Ceremony, we get some Mr. & Mrs. poses and any family that didnt make it to the First Look. Then, we get a bunch of candids from the reception. One of the best things about a First Look, besides how amazing the images will be is that you basically get to spend the ENTIRE day together!! That alone is super special. Now, you might be freaking out at this point! I mean what if your Ceremony is AT TWO!!! Right? Well, remember, I have not seen the timeline yet, so we can modify it when I get it. This is just a heads up to help you communicate with your bridal party, and family. So, HOMEWORK…yep….Im such a pest!

Homework for you both is to

  1. Choose a location for your FL session. Home, park, anywhere private, and with pretty backgrounds. (or let me choose when I get there)

  2. Inform ALL of your wedding attendants and family. Let them know that they will need to be completely ready…hair, makeup, fully dressed and have flowers in hand or pinned on at X time.

  3. Fill out the Wedding Timeline

  4. Fill out the Contract.

Now sure, some family may not be able to be there at that time. Dont worry, we will make a list of important people to shoot based on your answers to that list you will be filling out.

My contact info is

Luanne 810-728-3421 CALL TEXT IG Messenger etc….ANYTIME DAY OR NIGHT!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep this in mind. Since I am not charging you for my photography coverage PLEASE do NOT tell anyone. This will save me a bunch of trouble…with those that I have charged! z