Image Collection verses a few images

Rather than limiting out clients to a set number of images, say 10 to 20 pre-selected images from your session, Lexilu Photo's Custom style of photography provides their clients with all of their edited images in a beautiful photo collection.  Many times, Luanne provides her clients with 100's of beautiful images from their day together, and much more.

  When you schedule a session with her, you will not just be getting a set number of images that she chooses,  but rather an image collection of the day.  Through guided posing she will skillfully be creating priceless moments with you and your family.  As mentioned, you could go to a department store and sit in front of a backdrop for 15 minutes and get 5, 10, or 20 pre-selected images and then choose a price inflated print package.   Some pros also do this at their studios, showing you ALL of your images, and then GIVING you just a set number, and a limited number of days to view and order prints.  The rest of your images are then DELETED.  Gone forever are those priceless shots that Lexilu Photos LOVES to create and capture.  Yes, with other studios those candid laughs & priceless moments, are gone.  This is a common business model, and we are not knocking other studios,  but its just not our style.