Dear Blair and Justin,

Thank you for the privilege to be your photographer for another important milestone in your lives! 

I have loved watching your family grow, both physically, and spiritually.  What a blessing you both have been to each other, and now such a wonderful blessing Nala is.  It is so evident that your parents are very proud of you too, and what an example you are to others.  I certainly pray that Jehovah continue to bless you and your families.

Your entire collection is now in an online gallery.  Your original package included 25 images, and an order minimum of $200 to have access to download an print your images freely, however, due to the problems with my computer and your kindness in this regard I have edited many more for you and have waived the order minimum thus setting your gallery to be instant downloads with print release, and access to order prints from our professional lab.  Keep in mind that anything you order from your gallery goes straight to them. So if you see something you want done to an image before its printed please let me know before you order it from your gallery so I can make adjustments to it.   Of course you can download and print any image anywhere.  Below Ive included some links to the pro labs Ive used in the past that I trust to give you great results. 

Your collection also included a book, with 25 images in it.  So, to begin with please select those by making a Favorites collection in your gallery. I will be able to see the ones you select.  To select favorites just click on the heart.  Remember, in order for the images to be saved you have to register or download the PASS app, which should appear when you open the gallery.

If you would like to order some cards we can make you a beautiful, double sided design.  Since you now have an extended collection of photos we could design one side with newborn and the back side with your family shot, and Nala at 3 months.  A little message on the card could be something like Our Family, or something similar.  If you choose those photos you would want on a card, and save as another set of favorites we can get right to work making the card design for you.

Thank you again for allowing me to be your photographer.

Please keep in touch with me when Nala nears her 6 month mark andOne year, and we can schedule a time for her sessions.

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Family & 3 months