Jackson Michigan Wedding Photographer

Makenzie & Derek by Lexilu Photos

A little over two years ago, Makenzie was working in Game Stop where a guy name Derek, in her words, “used to come in quite a bit". One year later, as the sun was setting at a lighthouse in Northern Michigan, he asked her to be his wife. “I felt safe and comfortable with him from day one, “she said. “And he liked pineapple on his pizza, so it was meant to be!”

So it was, that as the sun set on their beautiful October wedding day, after dad had given her away, after family and friends had gathered at a small vintage cabin in Northern Michigan, after the dances had been danced, and after the cake had been cut, we set out to put her once again, safely in his arms at sunset.

Congratulations Mackenzie and Derek! We wish you every happiness imaginable in the years to come.

The bride’s dress is from Becker’s Bridal

The amazing DJ was Jason from Sound Productions Entertainment & More, Claire Michigan.

Many thanks to the DJ Jason. He was so in tune…lol…yep shameless pun…to the every detail. He made sure we had the very best light, and planned the dances and special events around our request to steal the bride and groom away for a few sunset photos.

Dayne & Dustie by Lexilu Photos

Dayne is a very special person to me and my family.  When he announced his engagement we were so excited for him and anxious to meet his bride to be Dustie.  She is nothing short of amazing, and if there is anyone out there that could be a perfect match for someone, it would be her.  During there engagement session, I noticed how very special she is.  See, Dayne is well known for loving anything to do with the outdoors.  He owns a farm, works at a greenhouse,  loves the great outdoors, and he loves his hats.  Its a rarity to see him without his hat on.  So, during our photo session, it was beautiful to watch how Dustie loved all that he is about.  Not once did she want him to change or be anything other than the person he is.  He really is an amazing fella, and she won his heart.  They planned and hosted a wedding in just under one months time.  That too, was amazing.  We wish them both all the very best!