Dayne & Dustie by Lexilu Photos

Dayne is a very special person to me and my family.  When he announced his engagement we were so excited for him and anxious to meet his bride to be Dustie.  She is nothing short of amazing, and if there is anyone out there that could be a perfect match for someone, it would be her.  During there engagement session, I noticed how very special she is.  See, Dayne is well known for loving anything to do with the outdoors.  He owns a farm, works at a greenhouse,  loves the great outdoors, and he loves his hats.  Its a rarity to see him without his hat on.  So, during our photo session, it was beautiful to watch how Dustie loved all that he is about.  Not once did she want him to change or be anything other than the person he is.  He really is an amazing fella, and she won his heart.  They planned and hosted a wedding in just under one months time.  That too, was amazing.  We wish them both all the very best!