He or She...What Will Baby Be? / by Lexilu Photos

After learning of their baby's gender from the gals at Sneak a Peek in Davison Mi, Brigette and Wes could have called, emailed, messaged or announced what they had learned on social media in a simple post.   But this creative couple wanted to do something special and involve their family in the announcement.

  So, on a beautiful Fall, Sunday afternoon, they asked their friends and family to meet them as Wes's parents farm.  There four generations gathered together around an old barn door-table that was decorated in baby's breath whites, muted greens and gold accents offering little hint to baby's gender.

The answer to the question of the day, He or She, what would baby be...was hidden inside the large white pumpkin centerpiece that everyone wanted to lift the lid on.  The family sat waiting anxiously to learn the gender of their lil' punkin' to be.  Burlap and gold dipped wooden tags with the family's guesses written on them,  were tied to a wreath that hung on an old vintage door.  As near by an old Victrola and sheet music offered subtle clues with titles such as "Will You Be My Daddy", and "Beautiful Girl of Mine" & " You're My Baby". 

Then the moment arrived.  Wes and Brigette opened the pumpkin top and pulled out a...

Now, you didn't think I was going to give it away did you...

  Join in on the fun, take a guess yourself...then scroll through their beautiful reveal to see if you guessed correctly.