As long as I can remember, photographs have mesmerized me. / by Luanne Shillingburg


As long as I can remember, photographs have mesmerized me.


The slideshow files through some of the images I managed to scan from my mom's collection of slides.  These are my memories, and what makes the job I do for you...MORE than just a job.  There is a responsibility when you're asked to be in charge of capturing someones memories...and I do this with all my heart. 

As long as I can remember, photographs have mesmerized me.  The way I see things...some of them.

I used to sit for hours going through the photo albums at my grandmother's house.  She had about 7 or 8 that I can remember.  They were the floral covered sticky albums, where you'd peel back the plastic cover and insert your photo on a glue-like substance.  Not once did I ever visit grandma when I didn't look through the photos albums.  Laying on her living room floor, albums sprawled out,  I'd get lost in a single image for hours. It was a way to pass the time as I waited for my turn to play Pac Man on my uncles Atari.  I was one of 6 waiting in line to play, so I had time to kill.

I loved looking at those photos.  Peering into my history as if  I could go back and revisit that day now gone.  I can feel the picky wool of the winter coat I loved so much, and wonder why I am wearing it on a summer day.  In another I'm in the backyard of the first house I remember living in, playing on my swing set, wearing my Miss America swimsuit.  I can see myself in a photo hosing down the driveway at our home in Lake Orion, I think about that photo a lot since, to this day... you can still find me outside after a day working in the yard....hosing down the driveway.  I see my dad, and his love for using that old snowplow...I have the same addiction.  I see my mom, in her cat-eye glasses...sipping her cup of coffee, looking like Jackie O in her bobbed hair cut.   In the background of another photo,  is the garage my dad built from foundation up.  My grandma is in the background too. grandma.  Did I mention how awesome she was?  How awesome they both were.   I had one grandma who was most like me, independent, social, who sadly fell asleep when I was 5.  And one grandma who understood me to the core, who was quiet, & gentle...she too is now gone. 

Why am I telling you this?

Simple.  Photographs, photography, simple lifestyle snap shots, most in black and white, had a major impact on my life.

"Photographs connects my my then."

Photographs are important pieces of information.  I understand that technically perfect or not, it represents a piece of the past.  A moment, gone...a moment gone.  There are sometimes second chances, in planned photo sessions.  There are no second chances capturing the moment as it happens.  

My style is somewhat avant-garde.  I've studied the rules of photography enough to learn that they can be broken.  Breaking them establishes the differences in photographic styles, and opinions.  Look over my editing, my shooting style...if you like what you see contact me.  If you find yourself saying..."what the?" or "that is blown out," or its this or that, or blah blah...two cent stuff...someone else should photograph you.  I only promise to be true to my style and trusted to listen as you tell me what's important to you and then capture it.

If you trust me with this privilege, I will guide you into natural poses, not push you around to get a technically perfect shot for my portfolio.  Long gone are the days of grandmas floral covered sticky albums.  The method of viewing images has certainly changed, but the heart of photography has not.    In the end, I hope to provide you, and your grandchildren, albums to pour over when they one day visit you.