Jeff & Lousia / by Luanne Shillingburg

Jeff and Louisa epitomize true love.  You see it in the way she looks at him, and how he smiles back.  They are perhaps the most passionate couple Ive ever had the privilege to photograph.  When she's in his arms it's like no one else is around, which made for amazing engagement photos, and their First Look session. 

Louisa and Jeff's story didnt happen overnight though.  In fact it began 7 years ago during the Lapeer Days Festival in downtown Lapeer, when Louisa saw Jeff who was wearing a blue bandanna.  In her own words she recalled that moment when she first saw him, "I went up to him and grabbed his tushie!  We hit it off immediately. I knew I was going to marry him and told everyone that would listen!"  When asked how she knew he was  THE ONE for her she said,  I knew he was the one when he showed me how easy a relationship can be. Happiness with him is effortless."

Her happiness is Jeff's goal.  You can tell that in the way he proposed to her.  "We were on vacation in Florida and he took me a beach side condo for the night." recalled Louisa.  "We went out for drinks and walked along the water then he pulled me in and that is where are happily ever after started."

Louisa offers up some advice on her wedding planning experience, and witnessing it first hand I'd say she did an amazing job.  Her event was easy, laid back and country, exactly how she describes their relationship.

At first I was all about the little details and wanting it to be amazing and over the top, but as time went on I realized the wedding is about Jeff and I and not about the details. After that I have made it point to have fun and NOT to stress about anything. And a week out I must say I am pretty proud of myself!!

Lexilu ; Tips you could pass on to other brides in the planning process?:

Louisa  "DON'T STRESS!!! It isn't about have the wedding people talk about the longest, its about having a marriage that lasts forever. Oh and shop around to find the best prices, that was huge to me and I am very happy I did that. A wedding can be a very expensive thing to plan if you pay attention and do some calling around."

Lexilu; Anything you would have done differently? 

Louisa "The only thing I would have done differently is paying vendors more in advance so I am not so strapped at the end."

Lexilu;  Most memorable moment during the planning process:

Louisa; The most memorable moment would have to be finding my dress and yes, it was the first one I tried on.

Where did you get your dress?: I got my dress at Davids Bridal.

Florist?: The Flower Carriage out of Marlette, I suggest them to everyone!!!

Now, for the photos.

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