Margaret & Blake by Lexilu Photos


Happy 1st Anniversary to a very special bride and groom!

The Beginning & Meeting Amy Adams

Two years ago I met a lovely couple, Will and Leslie.. They had asked me to photograph their wedding. They had such a sweet simple wedding with a few friends and family present. I thought…this is an amazing way to get married…in a beautiful room, surrounded by your closest friends and family. Small, intimate…quiet…perfect. We met up at a hotel, and while walking to my car I passed by the most stunning redhead. I thought to myself…”Is that Amy Adams?” The hotel was hosting Steve Miller and his band so it wasn’t entirely out of the question that another celeb was there and I almost convinced myself she was indeed Amy Adams.

Then, I walked into the bridal suite and low and behold…Amy…a.k.a. Margaret, was the brides sister! Her other sister was Gwen Stefani but that is for another story.

The Elopement

Fast forward July 7, 2018, on Belle Isle, Michigan where we met Margaret and her Fiance Blake for what turned out to be one of the most amazing days ever. They had chosen to elope…and we were asked to photograph it.

This couple is amazing to begin with. He loves her so much. You can tell it in the way he makes her smile. She smiled the entire day we were with them.

There wedding was so sweet and simple. They exchanged vows on a bright sunny, blue sky day on the point of Belle Isle with the Detroit and Windsor skylines behind them. Just the two of them. Well, the two of them, the officiant, my husband and I and a handful of romantics who wished them well as they kissed following the I do. Blake and Margaret had eloped. It was amazing. Since there were no official witnesses, my husband and I acted and maid of honor and best man. It was so special. I will never forget it. It was truly special and I highly recommend everyone break tradition and do what the Pierce sisters did…have it their way!

As I was photographing them I noticed a lapel pin that Blake was wearing. It was no ordinary pin as it was shaped like a Cactus-man? Yep, cactus man. I had to ask. It had a special meaning for sure and is explained in one of the photos of a tent card they had at the reception. Knowing that Belle Isle has a conservatory…complete with a cactus room you know where we were doing ring shots!!

The day was amazing with a portrait session following the ceremony and we had some amazing photos to share. The thing is…we couldn’t share them for one year! Yep! It was a secret from the rest of the family that was kept under wraps until April 2019 when they invited the family to their “wedding” at Genitti’s Hole in the Wall in Northville, Michigan. If you get a chance stop by…the family and food are amazing. You will honestly leave feeling as if you had visited family.

The Big Reveal

Genitti’s has a theater attached to the main restaurant. Margaret and Blake invited all of their friends and family to their “wedding” which began with a short slide show Margaret had put together. The slideshow highlighted the many years Blake and Margaret had been together, it highlighted there relationship over the years and one small little detail that no one knew about until that very moment. They were married!!! Following the presentation, Blake and Margaret took the stage and repeated their vows in front of surprised family and friends. Following a wonderful dinner, Margaret and Blake wrote their names on the wall, a tradition at Genitti’s. They danced, they loved and laughed…they simply did things their way and it was nothing short of AMAZING!