What is a First Look Session
A First Look Session is a private session where the bride and groom see each other for the first time dressed in their bridal clothes.  We take care to make sure the groom does not see his bride until she is ready.
Why would I schedule a First Look Session

We encourage our couples to consider having  a First Look Session for many reasons.

Your wedding day will fly by so very fast, and no matter how much time you allow for traditionally posed photos, there simply is never enough time and they are not very private.  A bridal session following the ceremony usually includes family and friends, and their cameras happily snapping away as you are being posed in intimate romantic poses.  Get the picture?

  Now consider a First Look Session.  The beautiful bride has just finished stepping into her dress...she approaches her groom.  He is anxious to see her for the first time that day.  At her request he turns around, and the rest is....magic.   There are usually tears, from both.  Unlike the tradition of seeing her walk up the isle sharing that moment with guests, this moment  is captured with our cameras far enough away to make it a truly private moment between the two of you...one you will remember forever.  We'll make sure of it. 
What does the First Look Session Include

First Look Sessions begin with just the two of you...alone.  Next, we take some posed photos of the two of you...these photos are the ones that 9 times out of 10 end up on our bride and grooms walls...in large portrait sizes.  
Following your session, if times is allocated, we can also shoot the bridal party, and family groups.  Organizing your day to schedule in a First Look Session allows more time following the Ceremony and gets you to your reception in time to enjoy Cocktails with your happy guests...happy that they haven't been waiting hours to eat, while you were having a traditional Post Ceremony Bridal Session.

How do I schedule a First Look Session?

A First Look Session MUST be carefully planned to allow for the time it takes for the shoot, You will also need to ensure that if you want your Bridal party or family included in the photos, that they will be ready, and on time.
Please consider the time of your Ceremony carefully when deciding on a First Look Session.  For example, if a wedding Ceremony  begins at 4:00 we would cover the bride getting ready early in the morning and then schedule the First Look Session for 12:00 with her Groom to be.  Then add the Bridal Party at 1:00 and the Family at  2:00  (Although some brides prefer it to be just of bride and groom. ) This allows the Bride and Groom some down time before the Ceremony to freshen up and allows the bride to be out of sight from guests.