What is a Bridal Session or Day After Session, and why would I need one?

A bridal session is a portrait session of a couple in their bridal attire on a day other than their wedding day. These types of sessions can take place before or after the wedding. The concept may be a little nontraditional,  but it can also be the perfect solution for couples struggling with how photography will play a role in their big day.   In addition to that, we LOVE to shoot them!

BRIDE ONLY SESSION-  If the Bridal Session will be of the bride only then we will arrange the date to coincide with your last fitting.  We will go to a beautiful location and shoot artistic portraits of her in "the dress!".   We will be able to capture all of the details of your dress, hair makeup...just as it will be on your wedding day.

COUPLE SESSION-A couples Bridal Session is arranged so that the groom sees his bride for the first time...it could also be called a First Look session.  You will have a combination of portraits together, as well as individual portraits.  In the end you will have a beautiful collection of bridal photos. 
These photos can be used at the reception, but will be the most cherished photos you will have.

Jane Austen Inspired Bridal Session

How A Bridal Session Works

The Bridal session is scheduled on a day other than the wedding day.  You will be dressed in your wedding clothes, have hair and makeup done just as you would for the wedding.  Bring flowers,  etc...and we will shoot at a location of your choice.  These are the photos that will fill your walls, the ones you will want to post on Facebook.  Additionally, this type of session becomes so important for weddings in the evening,  during cold weather, or extreme heat, or just for that fun modern couple.  Photos from a bridal session are much different from the traditionally posed shots we can get in following the ceremony when we are limited by time, lighting and location.  Bridal Session photos yield great artistic portraits because the shoot is focused strictly on that.  Knowing that you already have your bridal portraits taken allows little worry about timelines following the ceremony.  Additionally, if your Bridal Session is planned BEFORE the wedding day, you will be able to practice hair and make up. (See if these are really the colors you want for your actual wedding day.  Do you want curls?  Hair up or down?)  Though formal shots and many shots will be taken on your wedding day, it’s still a lot less to worry about for you.Tips to remember for your Bridal Session:Don’t wait for your bridal session to try out the makeup artist and hair stylist for the first time. Prior to your bridal session do a full run through with your makeup artist, hair stylist and your dress. Have your mom or friend take pictures of you so that when you go in for your bridal session everyone is clear on how you want to look. If you wait till your bridal session to test this out you might not get exactly what you were hoping for. The bridal session is too important. Make sure you are prepared. Treat this photo shoot as if you were preparing for your wedding day.  Surround yourself with people you love but will not make you nervous and constantly correct your every move during the session. Many times brides bring relatives or friends that are so worried about the dress getting dirty or how the bride is smiling and quickly it turns into the bride losing focus and it will show in the pictures.